Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital offers a great way to provide the care your pet needs at low price, with a convenient monthly billing option. Our Wellness Plans are designed for all life stages of your dog or cat. Our wellness plans provide a package of excellent preventive care to keep your pet healthy from the moment you bring them home.

The key to a healthy pet is great preventive care. This starts with an annual examination where you meet with your veterinarian to address any concerns you may have and update any wellness care items. This includes updating vaccines, annual laboratory testing, and often a recommendation for a dental cleaning.

Our wellness plan goes hand-in-hand with pet insurance, providing the best preventive care options, which are often not covered by pet insurance, at a great rate. The Wellness Plan is not insurance and does not cover advanced diagnostics, fees from services not covered by the plan, and does not apply at any other hospital. While other plans may be cheaper on the surface, we offer superb quality of care to all of our patients.

Please contact us for more information or to enroll your pet in the Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital Wellness Program.