Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital wants to be a one stop shop for our clients and provide everything a pet needs; that’s why we are proud to be a provider of premium pet foods.

These diets are great for your pets with allergy issues as they are grain free and very limited on ingredients. We offer flavors such as sweet potato/ venison; or maybe your pet prefers lamb and brown rice the choices are endless.We are also priced under the major pet stores so stop by today and start your pet on the road to good health.

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We also provide Purina and Hill Science Prescription Diets, such as Purina UR/XO for struvite and calcium oxylate crystals in cats. Is your pet overweight try the Purina OM diet, perhaps your senior pet is experiencing renal failure maybe Purina NF or Hills K/D is the diet for your pet. Do you have a diabetic cat/dog try Purina DM for cats or EN Fiber Balance for dogs this is a very palatable diet and helps to regulate your pets diabetes.

The list goes on stop by today and find out which diet is best for your dog or cat.