Here at Quartz Mtn. Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer regenerative medicine to our patients.

It is our goal, as a hospital, to keep up with the latest developments in veterinary medicine. We want to be able to offer our patients the highest level of care that veterinary medicine has to offer. They deserve it!

To do that, we offer regenerative medicine, which aims to allow a body’s own regenerative capabilities to help heal and bring function back to damaged cells, tissues, and organs.

We use a patient’s own blood to heal soft tissue injuries. We treat each patient individually to decide the best type of treatment for each one. We may also use a combination of treatments to get the best effect.

We offer blood- and tissue-derived options to help your pets. Blood-derived treatments include platelet-rich plasma, conditioned serum, and more. Tissue-derived treatments include adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC).

If your pets are having trouble healing or are suffering from a soft tissue injury, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (480) 860-1433.